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Q: Do I need any type of certifications or licenses to have an animal at my event/production?

A: Featuring Animals has all Federal and State licenses as well as liability insurance needed to bring the animals onto your property.  Should any other city or county permits be required, we will inform you in advance and help with all necessary paperwork.


Q: My Event will be held at a facility I do not own.  Are there any permits or permission that I need to obtain in order to have an animal at my party?

A: Featuring Animals has all necessary Federal and State permits as well as liability insurance needed.  Featuring Animals will need written permission from the Venue, Facility, Property Owner, and/or Homehowner's Association allowing the animal on premises for the event. 

Q: Am I allowed to touch the animals?

A: Please contact us in advance to discuss your desired animal(s) and the restrictions that may affect touching/handling.  Safety and welfare of all involved is our first priority.

Q: I am looking for someone to plan my whole event - right down to the decorations.  Do you offer event planning?

A: Whether on site or off, Featuring Animals can assist in planning or handle the entire event from planning to catering and clean up.


Additional Questions?

Contact us:

Featuring Animals -  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it           407-645-5000

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